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Eveline Meier
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L.v. Beethoven: sonata for violin and piano op. 47 no. 9 «Kreutzer», 3rd mov.
Duo Admiral: Eveline Meier – violin, Riho Noma – piano
Sándor Balassa: Trió op.148
Márta Ábrahám - violin, Eveline Meier - viola, György Schweigert - cello
Eveline Meier was born in Switzerland and lives in Budapest (Hungary) and Horw, near Lucerne (Switzerland).

At the age of six she started with playing the violin at local music schools. She then changed to private lessons  with the violin teacher András Santora who helped her to improve upon her technical abilities as well as her musical expression. Later on she went for two years to the Lucerne University of Applied Arts (Music), where she studied with Isabelle van Keulen while taking a preparation course for her Bachelor Studies.

Since September 2015 Eveline has been studying violin at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest with Prof. Márta Ábrahám as well as viola as a secondary instrument with Prof. Ágnes Nagy. In Budapest she plays regularly with the Ábrahám Consort Orchestra.

In February 2016 she was chosen to play at the international exchange project with the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (JAMD) which was attended by important politicians of Israel and Hungary. There she played in the position of the concertmaster. A year later she was invited to go to Jerusalem, where she could practise and perform chamber music pieces with students and teachers of both academies.

Until now she has played for several foreign embassies and consulates (such as the japanese, the israeli and the polish) and for the president of Hungary, János Áder, and the polish president, Andrzej Duda, as well as other important dignitaries.

Eveline Meier has won several prizes at national competitions in the disciplines solo performance and chamber music. With her piano trio she has won 1st prizes regularly and in addition was awarded with two special prizes, one of which allowed her to play in a concert at the „Festival für Kammermusik Bodensee“ in Switzerland.

Since August 2012 she has been an active participant at masterclasses with Zakhar Bron in Interlaken and Zürich. Furthermore she participated in masterclasses and took lessons with Isabelle van Keulen (both violin and viola), Marianna Vasileva, Maurizio Sciaretta, Jitka Hosprová, Lena Neudauer, and also in Budapest with Kristóf Baráti, Imre Rohmann, Qian Zhou, Giovanni Guzzo, Dora Schwarzberg, Pierre Amoyal, Hagai Shaham, Alexandre Dubach, Péter Frankl, Réka Szilvay, Wolfga
ng Redik, Fuminori Shinozaki, György Pauk, Guy Ben-Ziony and Gábor Takács-Nagy.

In January 2017 Eveline was awarded with the „Kulturförderpreis Horw“. This exceptional prize gave her the opportunity to give concerts in Horw, Willisau, Lucerne and Budapest in June 2017 with her piano trio «JET» founded at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest. These concerts were held under the motto “music connects ones home with the world“.

She is one of the few students of the Franz Liszt Academy which have been awarded with a scholarship of the Bank of China in 2018/2019.

In June 2018 she received her degree in «Bachelor of Arts in Performance specialized in Violin». At present she is continuing her Master Studies, primarily in  the Hungarian language, at the Franz Liszt Academy Budapest.
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